Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weekly Reachout

Hey wonderful folks, I really missed seeing all of you this past Sunday. We will resume the fun this Sunday at the regular time and at the regular spot. I am going to teach the wheat and tares lesson two Sundays from now because I feel that God has a challenge for all of us for the coming year. You are all wonderful servants of the Lord. To be truthful, that is why I push you so hard. I can't wait to dive into the Word together.
Let's not forget that we are meeting at the Branch January 8th for a meal together. Bring your favorite foods and if you can, then stay for the movie. We can't seem to find any formal childcare, but if you want to just come for the meal, please do. I know that this will inconvenience many of you, but I know there are several of you who have older children who may want to just play in the gym or inside on the ping-pong table or pool table. That's fine. You may also be fine with them watching the film. Remember, this movie is not in English. It is Aramaic. This is the language spoken by Jesus. There will be translation at the bottom of the screen, and after a while, it really is not noticeable. Again, if you just want to stop by for the meal, we understand. We will be serving popcorn and soda too. This is just a neat way for all of us to get to know each other. Mingle around before the movie and find out something about the people you go to Sunday school with. There will be a sign-up sheet at the table as you enter the class. Please let us know if you're coming and what you may be bringing.
Amy and I just saw the new Narnia movie. It was a good one. Go support great Christian movies!
Team captains, we need to run some dates by you for the next meal/ meeting. There are several issues that have been brought up lately. Most of these are good problems, but they need to be addressed. Thank you all for everything you are doing to serve Rock Springs church. We will e-mail you soon.
Remember to pick up prayer cards at the greeting table as you walk in the class. Many times this is the only way we know if you have a request. It breaks my heart to see some of you with needs that are placed church-wide that I never knew about. We are never too busy for your needs! God bless you all! Ryan

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