Saturday, December 4, 2010

Comment posting has been changed

To keep spam to a minimum I had comments moderated on posts that were a day old.  So far we've been pretty fortunate that the spamming Russians haven't hit us so I'm going to open up the comments to unmoderated for posts up to 10 days.  The main reason is that when someone posts a comment (rarely unfortunately) they want it to show up immediately.  At least I do.  If anyone wants to come and contribute then please come.  You can reply just in comments and include your email and I'll send you a link to start posting.  This is for posting content on the blog, not commenting.  Commenting will always be open to anyone.  I'd love to have everyone interested and posting but I can only authorize people who respond and so it's up to y'all to let me know you want access.  Seriously it has really helped me in my walk posting here.

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