Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weekly reachout 12/14

Hey my Christmas loving friends,

    I just finished making banana pudding from a recipe that the Gates gave us. Maryana and I put a dish together that would make the food network drool;) I am going to enjoy a bite or two in the morning before leaving for work. This time of year seems to bring out the joy of eating. Well, we better do what we can. The 21 day fast is fast approaching. I hope that many of us will take this time seriously and seek the face of God. I know, that being said after joking about eating. The truth of it is that fasting is one of the most powerful things you can do.
    Guys, we had a great time caroling Sunday. We walked up and down the halls of the nursing home singing and handing out Christmas cards. This was quite the "out of the box" experience for me. It ended up being very moving for all of us. Thanks Lisa Jones for the idea. Thanks Mickey for the cards.
    Folks, don't forget our plan for January 8th. Bring your favorite dishes to eat that night and afterward we will watch the Passion of Christ. Bring friends . Tell them to load up the grub and come along. It would be a great time to introduce someone to the class.
    This Sunday will be the last Sunday to bring presents for the Navajo children and the family that we are sponsoring. Amy and I know that many of you are suffering so much financially. It will be our prayer that you can overcome this horrible economy and get back on track soon.  It amazes us just how bad it is for our friends and loved ones.
    I hope you will all come and see the choir perform this weekend. It will be a blast. Come hear them lift the name of Jesus. There are many of our folks involved. Band members, singers, orchestra, ensemble, and actors are all well represented by some of the folks you sleep beside in class . We love you all so much!      Ryan

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