Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He Is Worthy

If you are at all like me, your schedule this Christmas season is packed full with people to see, places to go, parties to attend. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we choose to "make" time for those friends and family members that we have neglected throughout the year. We force our schedules to hold MORE every year!!

But you know who gets the boot in my life? Christ.

Not feeling 100%, God won't mind if I sleep in today.
What about eating with relatives? Do we still pray? No, just dive into the grub.
Traffic, frantic people, pushy people? My patience leaves me.
So-and-so bought me a gift, I HAVE to get her a gift.
We get a card from so-and-so, we need to send them a card!

This is ridiculous!!

God is still God!
Jesus is still the savior of the world!
The Bible STILL has all the answers!
And our God is worthy!!

Stop what you are doing right now and tell Him He is the worthy God. Thank Him for your friends and family. Praise Him for your new life in Him!!

If we will not TAKE the time for God, He will MAKE you slow down and give Him His due place in our lives.

Merry Christmas all, just had to write this today.

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