Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Reachout 12/1

Folks, i don't know about you but I can't quite get adjusted to the crazy changes in Georgia Fall month's (75 during the day-39 at night) temperatures. I am grateful though that we live in a place that horrific snow seldom visits. I love the stuff but only for a couple of hours. I really only have a couple of things to remind you of.
    Don't forget that January 8th, we will be eating together at The Branch and then watching Passion of the Christ. I have been informed that this would be something that many of you would enjoy doing once every six months or so. Before we commit to this, I want to see how this works out in Jan.Bring your favorite foods and let's pig out;-)
    We, as a class, will be caroling at a local nursing home December 12th. We will eat lunch at Ernie's then go to the home. We will pick some of the easier and well known, and we will certainly have the words for folks like me.Let's sing people. You only live once! Lisa Jones is coordinating it for us. We will have a sign up sheet for this and for the Jan.8th meal so we can plan appropriately.
    Our Sunday school quarter jar will be back this Sunday. Remember, all we ask is that you bring a quarter to put in. We use this money to help offset the costs for the projects we do. The jar will be empty because we used these funds to help pay for the wood used on the wheelchair ramp we built. There are still some needed funds so we will use anything given to  pay toward this, Thanks so much for all that you do for others! We've got a couple of projects coming up. Jason Sharpton will be letting us know when we can make it happen.
We love you all and wish you the very best Christmas. It's not far away. Hang on and shop safely(haha).

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