Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekly Reachout

Ryan's weekly reachout:

Well hello everybody! I hope this election night finds you glued to the t.v. yelling and screaming for your favorite team. It is looking like we'll have a Congress that can't do anything to harm us anymore. A congress that leaves us alone is a good one.
    We want to thank aall of you who worked so hard at Hallelujah Night last Friday. It was one of the biggest if not THE biggest. Your servant hearts are a blessing. We would also like to thank all of you for signing up on the class's past doughnut sheets. We have volunteers for this Sunday, but we really don't need to ask the same people to bring them all of the time. Think about signing up this Sunday. You are all giving folks. Thank you. We will be adding two testimonies to the web site very soon. The delay has been my fault. Once Matt has all he needs from me, he can put them on. You do not want to miss Ray Corley or John Hanson's testimonies.
    Thanks to our blog warriors for continuing this effort. I believe a class should use every available and legal means to reach people. Your team captains are some of the most creative people I know. Praise God for them.
    Ryan and Diana Vermeulan have welcomed a baby boy into the world. He was a tiny 9 lbs-6oz. We will be planning for meals for them soon so be waiting on a call from Raven. 
   Our church had an amazing service Sunday night. The Spirit of God showed up and Benny wouldn't get in the way after that. It was a blessing to "surrender". That just made me very excited about Sunday night (7th). Lee University will be here and it will be on like neck bone. I can't wait. I've got a special pair of dancing shoes for this special time. See ya then! Thank you for letting me teach you guys. it brings me unexplainable joy. God bless you all !
Prayer requests: removed to respect privacy

1John 1:6
If we say we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:
    It is not my intention at all to dive into the enormity of this scripture tonight, but I can say that the text is quite self-explanatory. If you are walking in darkness, then saying you are in fellowship with God would be a terrible lie. I would like to discuss this phrase, "fellowship with Him".
    I can remember the church I came from before joining Rock springs. the church was a small country one in Yatesville, Georgia. It has a tradition of homecoming every late September or early October. Some of my fondest memories are of all of us eating under the tall oak trees and trading stories of days gone by and days to come. I so looked up to the older men of that church and though many of them have long since gone to heaven, there are still quite a few I love dearly. When I think of the word fellowship, I go back to these times hen the only worry I had was whether or not I had to go to schol that Monday or not. These were times when you could share your heart and tap your feet to the southern gospel music.
    Friendship is fellowship. We know one another through spending time with each other. The more time I spend with Him, the more I know Him. It must be an awesome thing to be called the friend of God. Am I His friend? The bible teaches that if I love Him, then I will keep His commandments . Let us strive to spend more time with God. Let us strive  to be His friend. Let us fellowship with Him. Let us obey Him. Sit today and talk to Him like he is right next to you because He is. We love you Lord!   

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  1. We have devotional time each Monday morning at work. This week the speaker talked about light/darkness. She said that God loves us so much that, if we spend time with Him, He will shine His light into our darkest places to bring healing and wholeness. She came out of Genesis and 1 Corinthians. As I look into the Bible, it is amazing how many times light/darkness is mentioned. Wouldn't it be awesome to do a study on God's use of light in darkness?