Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekly Reachout 11/9

Well folks, I have just finished my e-mail to you and I lost it all. No, it wasn't in the drafts or anywhere else so let me try this again;) We just wanted to give you a couple of reminders about the next couple of weeks. We do have a Christmas family we are looking to help as a class. They seem to be perfect candidates for some real help this year. More details are coming soon. Thanks Layla for bringing this family to our attention.
    November 20th is the day that we are going to start building the ramp. Right now, we have a couple of hundred dollars to work with, but we will need to rally together to see the funds raised. A very gracious couple has informed me that they will pay for any amount the class doesn't pay for. I told them that this act was so very kind, but I wanted to see if anyone else would step to the plate in order to help pay for the wood. They really shouldn't have to do all of that. I know that we can count on you.
 Thanks for filling up the donut sheet. You guys are awesome! We'll see all of you soon.

Prayer requests:

Omitted for privacy

Luke 24:5 Why seek ye the living among the dead.

The angels seem to have a little sarcasm going on here. Why were they seeking the risen Jesus in a tomb. It is not as far fetched as you might think. This is the way of this generation. So many "Christians" are seeking pleasure from anything but the living. Everything outside of the will of God is death. So many of us seek fulfillment in fun or sports. The excitement of a touchdown or a homerun seems to excite the adult just as much as the child. We are so busy having fun with each other that we neglect real intimacy with our Lord.
    There are those that have not built a relationship with Him over time so they turn, in disappointment, away from their walk in order to taste the path of death one more time. This taste though wreaks of dying flesh. Why do we seek the living (Christ) among that which is rotten and without use? Why do we try to fill our time with everything other than Him? He is always there.He does not condemn our opportunities for relationships, but he does condemn our wayward longing for those things impure. Seek a closer walk with Him. Seek to have Him destroy all desire for evildoing. Seek the kingdom first. Why seek ye the living among the dead?  Life is found in Jesus!    Love ya'll.     Ryan

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