Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekly reachout 11/17

Hello fellow aliens to this land.

    I hope all is well in your Thanksgiving season. I had the tough experience of hearing a radio station that was already playing twenty-four hour Christmas music. Folks, there is no amount of "gay" apparel I intend on wearing this season. I love Christmas, but there should be a legal limit on driving under the influence of Christmas music.
    We need a few men to show up at the Branch Saturday morning at 8. We will be going to work on the ramp. We will only be there about 5 hours or so. Bring your post hole diggers and as many tools as you can fit in your truck(haha). This will probably be a multiple week thing but we will not overwhelm you. There will also be a project building a small well house roof. The supplies have already been bought for this one.
    Please remember the toys for the children in Arizona. If every couple decided to buy a five or ten dollar toy, then we could really show out for the Lord and bless a ton of hurting children. The toys can be for boys or girls. Thanks ahead of time.
Don't forget the couple's meeting at the Green's house this Friday night. It will start at seven and last until you just have to leave. If you have any questions, contact Shannon or B.J. Green.
Several of you have asked about a Christmas party. Then there are several of you that have said that your December is so loaded. You probably could not make any week. We are going to have dinner and a movie(Passion of Christ) at the Branch in January so more people can make it. Yes, we will be serving popcorn that night too but keep it a secret(ha). Scott Smith is arranging for us to get the Branch. If you have any questions, then ask him about it Sunday. It would be a great night to bring your famous food favorites for all to munch on. Well, me anyway;)
    Thanks to all of you who bring dough-nuts, make coffee, set up the webcam, set up recordings, work the web page, work the class blog, plan outings( Dauset Trails was great this year),type in prayer requests, invite new class prospects, prepare meals, deliver cards, build on our projects, help find lesson props, etc., etc., etc.!!!!!!!!!!! Amy and I are but a tiny part of the class when it comes to the gears moving. Without every single one of you, I am just another dreamer,  in front of the mirror, talking to no one but myself. I know that God leads you to serve and I can never tell you how much I thank Him for it! God bless you!     Ryan

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