Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Reachout Reposted from Ryan's email

Reposted from Ryan's weekly reach out email. I'll do this till he learns how to post here. Again people the idea is to have new things posted at a minimum each day. As it goes on we'll work on having a place where people WANT to come to for encouragement or maybe even just a laugh.

Hey folks, It is another Tuesday staring us in the face. Ana just told me that her days were flying by. Ha, She doesn't have a clue does she. Every time we catch a breath we end up on the freeway of life, bumper to bumper. I just want to leave you with a few reminders.

We will be celebrating the Vermeulen's future addition on Sunday morning. They do not know if it a boy or a girl (I bet it is one or the other!) A gift in the line of some baby necessities would be great for them. We will have a cake in place of donuts Sunday morning as you come in and you can leave your gift for them on the table if you would like. We will have class as usual.

Men, don't forget the men's breakfast Saturday morning. We will eat some fine vittles and then go to Melba's Manor to work a while. It seems right now that most of the work for this week will be done before twelve. This project will be ongoing, and we will have the opportunity to work on it again if you want to. Maria Stewart is doing an awesome job there! Thanks to so many of you for stepping in and getting this project done.

I am very excited to announce the formation of a class blog. Doc Clear and Jessica Traylor have put together an awesome way to extend the lesson. There will be a link at the end of the e-mail to get to it. Your team captains have brainstormed and came up with several awesome ideas. It is such a pleasure to work with these creative folks. I will also leave a link to our website. Testimonies will be on the site in about a week or so. I apologize for the delay, but Ray Corley's testimony will be well worth it!

It looks as though we will have live web cam very soon. This is a way for folks to see what's going on in class if they miss for some reason. Please see the technology folks and thank them.

There are some really wonderful nights of singing coming up. Charles Billingsley will be this Sunday night and the Lee University choir will be Nov. 7th. Mark your calendars. See all of you Sunday and many of you tomorrow.

--Prayer requests omitted for privacy concerns--

Psalm 3:5 I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.

This is part of a bigger Psalm written by David. There were many times that David found himself fleeing for his life, hiding, and praying that God would help him. David, as flawed as he was, always gave God the glory for delivering him in times of great distress. This Psalm was no different. We are going to focus on this verse only because of its powerful meaning for all of us.

We pray nightly for our safety. We pray that our children will be safe and protected. It may frustrate the Lord a little, but I pray over everything until I feel like it is all covered. The kids really don't seem to mind considering they don't even like going to turn the light on in the basement by themselves. I find great comfort in knowing that while I am asleep, God is busy protecting His children. Spiritual warfare is happening all around us yet we cannot be touched without the consent of a holy and omnipresent God.

I understand that though it is quite routine to go to bed every night expecting to wake up, it is also possible to wake up in another place altogether. He is so good to move our chests in and out, over and over to sustain our breathing. He is so faithul to sustain our bodies in times of great suffering.I am more than confident that he can sustain you through anything that you are facing. We will be able to stand tomorrow because He did what He does best. He kept his promises. When I go to sleep in just a few minutes, I will pray for all of you. I will pray!


  1. Way to go Doc. I was on my way to post this and you had already done it.

    BTW, I don't think Ryan will learn to post. :)

  2. I don't know about everyone else, but I appreciate knowing that I am being prayed for. I have been studying Pam Jenkins' Woman of War and it has opened my eyes to the reality of spiritual warfare. I am really starting to look at things differently. My struggle with it right now is figuring out which battles are human and which are spiritual. Any of the ladies who have gone through this study (or the guys who have some insight into this), help me out...

  3. Good question! Not sure i know the answer! I have not done that study.

    Right now I am working on the 'At The Feet Of Jesus'... really enjoyed the study of Ruth as well!