Friday, October 22, 2010

Call to action...

Hi Ryan & Amy & the Foundations class,
I need yall to help me with something, or more specifically help two 8 year old boys, one being a special needs child, who are in much need of fall/winter clothes. The family is strapped & stressed to put it mildly & without going into detail just know that they are struggling & the boys are living with their grandmother. We are assisting the family but the boys sure could use some help with clothes. New or lightly used would be fine, they of course aren't picky. I have their sizes which are listed below. Please bring any clothing item that you can to class by next Sunday 10/31 & we will make sure they get to the little guys. This is the stuff Jesus would do...& I always think about what He said..."Whatever you do for the least of these my brethren you do for Me", so let's clothe Jesus this week.

Darryl Woodruff

The kid's sizes:
Shirts & pants sz. 9-10
Underwear sz. small- 6-8 boys
Socks sz. 3-9 boys
Shoes sz. 4 & 3

Again, good hand me downs are fine, of which I'm sure some of you have at home.THANKS!

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