Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Again, Hallelujah night

From Amy's email:

Hey guys! We are still needing some help with our games Friday night. Please consider helping out. This is what we have so far...

set up: Amy (4:00)

Game 1
4:45-5:30- Ryan, Amy, Sandra Nasworthy
5:30-6:00- Joey and Monica Brady
6:00-6:30- Jon Sexton, Shannon and B.J. Green
6:30-7:00- Doc and Charity Clear
7:00-7:30- ???
7:30-8:00- ???

Game 2
4:45-5:30- Lisa Wofford, April Mapp
5:30-6:00- David Hopkins, Ryran Traylor
6:00-6:30- Tiffany Blount, John and Deborah Hanson

Clean Up-
Richard and Wendy Redmon
Scott and Maria Stewart

Thanks and God bless!

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