Thursday, January 13, 2011

A fasting whiny boy is me

So Charity and I have been fasting since Sunday. When preparing for this fast I had fully intended to keep coffee. The biggest reason is that I work a whole lot outside and this warm beverage is really useful to combating the freezing temps. The only problem is that the Holy Spirit came to me Saturday and said that he really didn't want me to drink coffee. So Sunday I began to fast coffee too. Everyone has such huge goals for this fast but I had only one. To grow in Spirit toward the Lord. What's funny or not so funny was that for 4 full days I couldn't concentrate on the Lord. My headache was non-stop. My body for some odd reason aches worse than ever before. This is probably the 5th time we've fasted like this, but this has been the hardest. It's been the hardest when I was the closest to the Lord so I just couldn't understand why. Yesterday my headache started to subside and with it came a rushing in of the Holy Spirit. See, I believe that God tested me to see if I was committed or not. Here's what I heard.

Quit whining. This is YOUR fast to ME. No one has put this fast on you but yourself. I will not accept a grumbling fast to 'show' your devotion to me. My grace is more than sufficient for you to be joyful and humble in your devotion to me. Also I heard this... If you think this is bad just imagine Jesus without anything for 40 days and being tempted by the devil face to face.

So, Lord I give you my gluttony. I will joyfully fulfill my fast to you. It is truly my will for you to grow and work in my life. I will seek your face, JOYFULLY.

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